How To Visit The Kherson Cliffs

Ukraine is a big country with many undiscovered places all over. And the Kherson region (6 things to do in Kherson) is one of the richest of them all with many amazing places. There are so many unique locations that both foreign and Ukrainian tourists don’t know about. With Covid-19 and closed borders more people started to travel around their own country and that is how I learned about many of them. One of them is Kherson Cliffs overlooking the Dnipro Golf.

Kherson Cliffs

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The Kherson Cliffs are a beautiful location that is so unique for Ukraine. They also are called the Kherson steppe mountains. It is an incredible landscape that, depending on the season, looks completely different. In April, the cliffs are covered with green weeds and irises that makes cliffs look purplish. In August, the weeds are completely brown and dry and the whole place looks like a desert, overly dramatic I must say. And of course, you can imagine how it looks in snowy winter.

Kherson Cliffs

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How To Get To Kherson Cliffs

To get to the Kherson Cliffs you can go by public transportation or with a tour company.

By Public Transportation

The cliffs are located next to a small village called Stanislav that’s 50 minutes’ drive (if you drive yourself) from Kherson. You can get on the bus at Avostantia Prymiska (bus station #2). The ticket costs 47 UAH ($1.7) and it will take you roughly 1 hour 10 minutes to get to the village.

Sunset at steppe mountains

From where the bus will drop you to the cliffs is not that far. Just use the map.

Click here to check the bus schedule.

Note: buy tickets at the bus station and not online. Get to the bus station 20 – 30 minutes before.

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By Travel Agency

In the center of Kherson there is a tour office that organizes excursions around the Kherson region. One of the excursions is to the Kherson Cliffs that includes an hour of history about the whole region and a few tradition. One of them is having tequila (the tradition exists because of the German movie “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”). The other is writing a wish, putting it in a sea snail conch and throwing as far as you can (if the conch reaches the water the wish will come true).  At the end we watch an amazing sunset before heading back.

We took a van to the Cliffs

The price of this excursion is 450 UAH ($). And although it is more expensive than to get to the cliffs by yourself, I do recommend doing it if you speak Russian or Ukrainian.

Click here to check excursions to Kherson Cliffs.  

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