How To Get To Tibidabo In Barcelona

If you’ve walked around Barcelona at all, chances are you’ve taken a look up the mountain and seen a towering church of the peering over the entire city. No, this isn’t the famous La Sagrada Familia (which is just in a normal area of the city), it is The Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It is located on the top of Tibidabo mountain and has one of the best viewpoints for overlooking all of Barcelona.

If you want to venture up there, it really isn’t that difficult at all. We were staying in El Poble-Sec area, which is one of the most southern areas of the city (near the port) and it only took three different transfers! Okay, I know that sounds like a lot, but Barcelona has an extremely convenient public transportation system.

The ticket you can get for 3 days and get to Tibidabo in Barcelona

Depending on where in the city you are staying, you’ll have many different options. I find the easiest way is to get the Barcelona multi-day metro pass so you can take as many trips as you want and not worry about paying for each transfer. You can buy the metro passes at any station and the prices are as follows:
2 day – US$ 18.26;
3 day – US$ 26.56;
4 day – US$ 34.51;
5 day – US$ 42.58.

You can book your metro passes online here.

By day they mean 24 hours, so we got the 3 day pass as we were only here for 5 nights, and the first two days we just strolled around. The good thing is that these passes are good for the train to the airport as well, so if you are trying to save money, it is more efficient than a taxi.

So…What About The Trip To The Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Tibidabo) in Barcelona?

Okay okay, the best way to get to the temple of the sacred heart of Jesus in my opinion is to take the funicular. This trolley scales the side of Tibidabo mountain and gives you excellent views of everything down below. To get to the base of the funicular you have to get to the location called Vallvidrera Inferior. The funicular will take you to Vallvidrera Superior and from there it is just a quick bus ride (Bus 111) to the temple.

the funicular to Tibidabo in Barcelona

To get to Vallvidrera Inferior you can take trains S1 or S2 which both make stops at Peu del Funicular (this is basically the same stop as Vallvidrera Inferior, you just have to walk up the stairs.

Train S1 starts in Placa de Catalunya and goes through the city and mountain all the way towards Terrassa. S1 also stops at Provenca, Gracia, and Muntaner before reaching Peu del Funicular, so if you are anywhere near any of these stops, then this is the best way for you.

Train S2 is almost the exact same train, except it goes towards Sabadell, but you won’t be going that far, so if you want to hop on train S2 instead of S1, it really makes no difference.

Another way to go see the temple of the sacred heart of Jesus (Tibidabo) in Barcelona is to take the tram T2B from Vall Hebron. To get there you can take the metro L3 which goes from Paral-lel to Trinitat Nova, and get off at stop Vall d’Hebron.

Of course, the easiest way to figure out how to go there is just to use your phones GPS and it’ll tell you the best way for you. Use the map below, which has the address for The Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus already added, and find the best route for your location.

Location of the church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Find out more about Barcelona card here.

How To Get To Tibidabo In Barcelona

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