How To Get To Mukachevo From Uzhhorod

Mukachevo is a cute city in the West of Ukraine, located in Zakarpattia oblast. The most popular way to get to Mukachevo is either from Lviv on a train, or from Uzhhorod by bus. It is also a very popular destination to visit as a day trip from Uzhhorod. 

Mukachevo isn’t the most popular tourist destination in Ukraine, and most foreigners have never heard about Mukachevo, unless they decide to travel through the Ukrainian Carpathians. However, Mukachevo has a few amazing things to see. 

How To Get From Uzhhorod To Mukachevo

Mukachevo is located around 45 km from Uzhhorod and it is quite easy to travel between these two cities. 

By Bus

The most convenient and cheapest way to get to Mukachevo from Uzhhorod is by bus. 

How To Get To Mukachevo From Uzhhorod

You can catch a bus at the main bus station which is located across the street from the railway station. The ticket will cost you 68 UAH per person (can pay with the card and cash). 

How To Get To Mukachevo From Uzhhorod
Bus station in Uzhhorod

The bus from Uzhhorod leaves every 20 – 30 minutes and it takes around an hour to get to Mukachevo.

Note: I have to mention that the buses that drive between Mukachevo and Uzhhorod are quite old, and not that comfortable.

By Train

It is also possible to get to Mukachevo by train. It is less convenient, but the train might be more comfortable than an old bus. 

Uzhhorod train station
Train station in Uzhhorod

There are around 6 trains a day that go to Mukachevo. The price for the cheapest train ticket will be twice the price for the bus.  

By Taxi

One more way that you can use to get to Mukachevo is to take a taxi. Uzhhorod has Uber, Bolt and Uklon taxi apps which you can use to check the price, and order a car.  

Currently the price of taking a taxi is around 400 – 500 UAH ($10 – $15). 

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