How To Get To Jardin Town From Medellin

Jardin is a small town that is located 3 hours drive from Medellin (if you are lucky, due to traffic and sometimes floods it usually takes between 4 and 5 hours). Jardin is one of those places you can experience a real Colombian vibe. Here, like a hundred years ago, people mainly live as farmers. They lead quiet and calm lives: working hard during the day and then relaxing at the center square at outside cafes with their friends. Jardin is a town to soak up the real Colombian lifestyle. In this article I will tell you the best way how to get to Jardin from Medellin

How To Get To Jardin Town From Medellin

There are actually a few ways you can travel to Jardin from Medellin. You can rent a car and drive yourself, which is not a bad choice. However, you need to remember that you will have to drive through mountain roads that are quite windy and in some places very thin. So, if you are not sure how good of a driver you are, I would not recommend it. 

The second option is to hire a driver, which is a very comfortable way to travel. You are relaxed sitting in the back seat and enjoying your personal transportation. The best part is that you can stop at any place you like and take some great pictures. The problem with this choice is the price. You’ ll end up paying around $100 USD (the exact price will depend on your negotiating skills).

What Is The Cheapest Way To Get To Jardin From Medellin?

How To Get To Jardin Town From Medellin

The easiest, the cheapest, and the best way to travel to Jardin from Medellin is by bus. So where do you find the Medellin to Jardin bus? You need to go to the South bus terminal next to the small local airport (Terminal Sur). 

How To Get To Jardin Town From Medellin

The best way to get to the South bus terminal is by taxi, there is no close subway station near this terminal. The taxi will cost you about $3 – $4, which is nothing if you are traveling in a group.

Terminal Sur

At the terminal you will find many different bus companies that offer their services. Note that not all of them have buses to Jardin. The biggest bus companies that offer transport from Medellin to Jardin are “Rapido Ochoa” or “Vigilado SuperTransporte”. You can check them first, and if the times are not right for you, look for the other windows that have “Jardin” signs and ask about the buses.

Bus tickets
Our ticket shows the route as MEDJARDIN as we took the bus route from start to finish

We used the “Vigilado SuperTransporte” bus company and paid 32,000 COP per ticket. The bus took 4 hours to get from Medellin to Jardin. On the way there it made a few stops, so if you need to use a bathroom or buy food/water, you will have the opportunity. 

How To Get To Jardin Town From Medellin

Around ten to fifteen minutes before the departure start looking for your bus. On the ticket you will find the number of the platform for your bus (Salida). Unfortunately, at the terminal they don’t announce departures very clearly (we didn’t find anything about our bus even on the board where there should be all the needed information about departures).

If you are confused, you can show the ticket to the guard and ask where you need to go, or go outside to the platform and ask around there. Our bus arrived at the right platform and left on time. So, don’t waste your time, since no one will wait for you. 

Bus to Jardin

After your departure you will drive for a while through Medellin, until you get out of the crowded city and your scenery will change from concrete jungles to real jungles. During your ride you will pass many farms and forests, see a few waterfalls, rivers, and weirdly shaped mountains. The ride from Medellin to Jardin is like an excursion itself. So keep your camera close. 

How To Get To Jardin Town From Medellin

The final bus stop is Jardin bus terminal that is located in the center of the town. From there you can walk or take a tuktuk to your hotel (if you are staying outside the town). They are all over the place, so just flag one down and get in. 

How To Get To Jardin Town From Medellin

We booked a room in Villa Adiela that is located 10 minutes tuktuk ride from Jardin, the ride cost us just 8 000 COP (flat rate).

How To Get To Jardin Town From Medellin, Colombia


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