Hotel Review: Itaca Colon Hotel In Cordoba, Spain

Cordoba is a popular tourist destination in Andalusia, Spain. There are many historical sites to see and things to do. You can either visit Cordoba as a day tripper or spend a few days in this city. For those who are looking for accommodation in Cordoba I wrote a review of the Itaca Colon hotel where we spent a few nights during our time in this charming Spanish city. In this article you will find an unbiased detailed review with all the pluses and minuses of this accommodation. 


Itaca Colon Hotel is located on the outskirts of the center of Cordoba. And although it might not be the closest hotel to the Alcazar and the Grand Mosque of Cordoba, the location of the hotel is pretty good. 

Itaca Colon Hotel is located just 20 minutes walk from the Alcazar. It might be further than you want to be, but the walk is quite pleasant and on the way you can see a lot of interesting places and monuments. 

Itaca Colon Hotel is also located quite close to the railway station, just about a 10 minutes walk.

Near the hotel you will find many great restaurants and cafes. If you will choose to stay at Itaca Colon Hotel I recommend you to visit Taberna la Bodega (charming tapas bar with delicious food, good prices, and great atmosphere), Cafetería pastelería heladería Roldán (a great breakfast place with a big selection of toasts and pastry), and if you are craving Asian food – Sibuya Urban Sushi Bar (they mostly have sushi, which are very good, but they also have some other dishes).

Public Area

 Itaca Colon Hotel In Cordoba

The Itaca Colon Hotel has a common area on the first floor, next to reception. There you will find a sitting area and a small restaurant where you can get breakfast. 


The service at the hotel is a very important component of the impression that you make of the place. If the service is good and people are friendly, it is most likely that you will close your eyes on some small inconveniences and think highly of the place. However when the service is bad, the whole experience at the hotel is usually unpleasant. 

In our room at the Itaca Colon Hotel we had two problems: the small refrigerator didn’t work, as well as the air conditioner. Since we stayed for a few days in this hotel and needed a refrigerator to keep our drinks cold, it was very important that it would be fixed or replaced. The air conditioner didn’t matter so much, as it was already cool outside, so the room temperature was comfortable. 

Unfortunately after a few times asking for help in this matter neither refrigerator, nor air conditioner were fixed, which made us feel unwelcome and unwanted there. 

The cleaning service we received every day was pretty good. No negative notes on that part.

The Room

The room we got was quite small, however it still was comfortable. We had two twin beds pushed together that took most of the room space, but were pretty comfortable. A wardrobe, and a long table with TV and builtin refrigerator (broken one) took the rest of the space. 

 Itaca Colon Hotel In Cordoba

The room we stayed in had one window that faced the floor corridor and another room, so we had to keep our curtains closed to have privacy (which makes the room kinda depressing without sunlight). 


Another problem with the Itaca Colon Hotel is the soundproofing. The walls are very thin and you can hear your neighbors and people in the corridor as loud as if they were talking in your room.

Despite all these problems, the good thing about the room at Itaca Colon Hotel is that it is relatively cheap. So you have to decide if saving some money will be worth the hassle. 



I have read some reviews that said that the bathrooms are quite small at Itaca Colon Hotel. To be frank, I don’t think there was a problem with the bathroom space (at least in our room). 

 Itaca Colon Hotel In Cordoba

The bathroom was standar, with good water pressure in the shower. The hotel provided some bathroom amenities as well. 


Itaca Colon Hotel has included breakfast with some of the rooms. If you are getting a standard room that goes without breakfast you will have to pay 6€ for breakfast on site.


Itaca Colon Hotel in Cordoba has two big pluses. The first one is price and the second one – the hotel is located in a good area, although not in the very center of the city. Usually the price and the location – are one of the most important criteria in an accommodation search, however, enjoying the comfort is also important. 

Key Details

Price:45€ /night

Air-Conditioned Rooms: Yes (didn’t work)

Breakfast Included: No

Pool On-Site: No.

Maid Service: Yes

Recommended To Stay Here: 50/50.

Booking: booking

Address: C. Alhaken II, 4, 14008 Córdoba, Spain.

Disclaimer: Jet Set Together was not paid for a stay at the Itaca Colon Hotel in Cordoba, Spain and did not accept any payment for a good review. The words expressed in this article are my honest opinion.

Hotel Review: Itaca Colon Hotel In Cordoba, Spain

 Itaca Colon Hotel In Cordoba
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