Hotel Review: Capetan Giorgantas (Masai Room), Adamas, Milos, Greece

Milos, Greece is a very popular tourist’s destination in Greece. This is the island where the most famous statue “Venus de Milos” was found. This is also home to one of the most famous beaches in Greece – Sarakiniko beach. The island itself is not very big, but it has a lot of small fishing villages that offer accommodation for tourists nowadays. So, the question on where to stay, what village to choose is quite important here. For those who decide to stay in the port village/town Adamas (also known as Adamantas) and will look for a hotel, I made an unbiased review of the Capetan Giorgantas hotel. In this article you can read all the pluses and minuses of this hotel. I hope this article will help you with your choice.

Location Of The Capetan Giorgantas Hotel

Capetan Giorgantas hotel is located in Adamas port town just 5 minutes walk from the port. It is also quite close to Milos airport (10 minutes drive). 

Since Adamas town is a very hilly place, we were a bit afraid that to get to the hotel we would need to take countless steps. But as you probably already understood, that is not the case with Capetan Giorgantas hotel. So if you are carrying a big amount of luggage, you are in luck. 

The hotel is located in a great spot. It is close to all the restaurants, rental places, bars, and shops. As a matter of fact there is a big grocery store just across the street from the hotel. You also can find a laundry place that is located just down the same street as the hotel. 

Public Area

Capetan Giorgantas hotel has a pretty big public space with a pool on site with sun beds and lounge chairs. Unfortunately for us, the pool didn’t work at the time of our stay (the middle of October). 

Hotel Review: Capetan Giorgantas (Masai Room), Adamas, Milos, Greece

There is also a big open space near the reception where you are served breakfast in the morning.

Hotel Review: Capetan Giorgantas (Masai Room), Adamas, Milos, Greece

Service At The Capetan Giorgantas Hotel

Capetan Giorgantas hotel is not a large luxury 5 star hotel, but a rather small two story place. They do not have a receptionist for 24/7, just during the day. At night the front door of the hotel is closed and you will have to use your keys to get in. However, the cleaning service works everyday.

In general the staff is very friendly and helpful and you certainly feel welcome here.  

The Masai Room

We got the Masai room (African theme) with a small balcony that faces the pool. The room itself is small and simple, but quite cosy. The African theme you can notice in small details around the room: lamps, mirrors, decorative bowls, side tables, and more. 

Hotel Review: Capetan Giorgantas (Masai Room), Adamas, Milos, Greece

The room has a decent flat screen TV, a small fridge, a safe, an air conditioner, and a queen bed. Pretty much everything you will need, except a proper table for writing or working. 


The bathroom is kinda split up. The sink and a mirror are technically located in the bedroom. The bathroom contains a small shower and a toilet. 

Hotel Review: Capetan Giorgantas (Masai Room), Adamas, Milos, Greece

All the amenities were provided at the hotel, and towels are changed every day. And although the shower might be tiny, the water pressure is fantastic. 


Breakfast At The Capetan Giorgantas Hotel

Our breakfast was included in the price, however at first we thought that this was a mistake and we even asked if they are sure we have breakfast included with our rooms. To our surprise they reassured us that everything was included, so we ate our breakfast at the hotel. After all, if they want to feed us, why refuse.

Hotel  Breakfast

The breakfast was pretty simple: eggs, some sweet pastry with coffee, some savoury things like cheese, ham and olives, some fruits and cereal. Not much, but enough for a satisfying free breakfast. 

Hotel Breaksfast

One thing that I did not like was the fact that they wrapped every fork or knife in an individual plastic bag. I know it is the pandemic time and everything, but if they would wrap at least a set of a fork and a knife in one bag, there would be half the plastic waste. Or better do not wrap the silverware in plastic at all and give it on request! 


Overall I really liked my stay at Capetan Giorgantas hotel. The bed was comfortable, the price was good, and the location of the hotel was fantastic. However they did have a few issues (not working pool, the wasteful use of plastic) that made me wonder if I would book again on a future visit.

Key Details

Price: 50€/night

Air-Conditioned Rooms: Yes

Breakfast Included: Yes

Pool On-Site: Yes, but didn’t at the time of our stay.

Maid Service: Yes

Recommended To Stay Here: Yes

Booking: Capetan Giorgantas Hotel

Address: Main Street, Adamas 848 00

Disclaimer: Jet Set Together was not paid for a stay at the Capetan Giorgantas hotel in Adamas, Milos, Greece and did not accept any payment for a good review. The words expressed in this article are my honest opinion.

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