Our Experience At Dolphin Reef In Eilat, Israel

Cody and I travelled Israel last February, exploring the old city of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and other cities and sights. Along with exploring Israel we wanted to visit Petra, the lost city, in Jordan. It is not that difficult to get there from Eilat, the southernmost city in Israel which sits on the coast of the Red sea. We had only planned on staying here two days, but we ended up extending our time to almost a week. One of the days we decided to treat ourselves, so here is a bit about our experience at the Dolphin Reef in Eilat.


Cody and I planned to stay in Eilat for just two nights. We got on a bus in Tel Aviv in the morning and got to Eilat in five hours. Oh, the weather was amazing there, so sunny and warm that this alone made us wonder why we are not spending more time here (remember that we were travelling in February).

Eilat mountains
Dolphin Reef In Eilat

The next early morning we went to Petra, Jordan and came back late at night. You can imagine how tired we were physically and emotionally after a whole day of walking through the ruins of an amazing ancient city that I had dreamed of seeing from the moment I saw the third “Indiana Jones” movie. Naturally, we didn’t feel like going on another journey the next day, but wanted to stay in bed the whole day resting our tired legs.

Visiting Petra is one of the most amazing things you can do if you are staying in Eilat.

Our landlord lady let us stay in her apartment a few more nights and gave us some tips on what to do in Eilat. Well, first you need to know that Eilat is kind of a resort city with lots of good restaurants, nice beaches and some nice hotels. The tourist industry is growing and the city is trying to create more tourist attractions.

Diving with dolphins

One of the places that we went to is called “Dolphin Reef”. It is a seaside attraction, well, more like a complex of attractions. “Dolphin Reef” has a nice sand beach with sunbeds and sunchairs where you can relax. There is a tree-house bar built overlooking the water. There is also a huge sea pool where trained staff take care of injured dolphins. The dolphins are not forced to be here, but they are constantly provided food so you’ll always be able to see a few.

Dolphin reef

You can actually walk the wooden bridge to the middle of the reef and just sit there with your feet in the water. The dolphins like to play so they are just swimming all over the place and jumping. If you are lucky, they can come close to you and you can touch them. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen to me, but one of the staff came with a dog and the dolphin came close to play with them. If you guys have been to such places, you can understand how relaxing watching dolphins are.

Dolphin Reef

For those who like to snorkel and do diving, this place offers snorkelling and diving with dolphins. Although Cody likes diving, we decided to skip this part and try another experience that “Dolphin Reef” offers – “Relaxation Pools”.

Dolphin Reef

Cody and I paid for two hours of this wonderful activity. When our time for this activity had come, we went to the pools. It looked like they are located in the tree house, everything there was about connecting with nature and relaxation. We got our towels and bathrobes and went on our “journey”.

I am with my new friend
I am with my new friend

There are three pools and a sauna. The pools are different, the first and probably the biggest is filled with seawater. This is the place where you start with your partner. One of the staff will ask you to put your head on the pool noodle, relax and float. Once your head is in the water you can hear soft underwater music which you couldn’t hear before. Along with floating, you are getting a soft massage of your head and shoulders. After this activity was done we went to the second pool with dead sea water and then to the fresh water pool.


The whole activity is very well organized. Between the pools you can get refreshments (wine, tea, coffee, snacks) and have a pleasant talk with your partner.

Overall, we enjoyed our day a lot and remember it to this day.

Key Information:

Hours: Sunday – Thursday from 8:30 AM – 8m PM; and on Friday, Saturday, holiday eves, and official holidays between 8:30 AM and 5 PM.

Price: 200 NIS;

Click here to go to the official website!

Location: dolphin reef beach;

Other Tings To Do In Eilat:

  1. Take A Tour To Petra, the lost city in Eilat.
  2. Underwater observatory marine park (Red sea is a unique environment, rich on sea life. You can experience some of it in Eilat).
  3. Relax at Eilat beaches.
  4. Hiking at Timna Park (just outside the city there is a perk in the desert that you can visit).
  5. Take a tour to the desert around Eilat.

Our Experience At Dolphin Reef In Eilat, Israel

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