Bukovel Restaurant Review: Gribova Hata (Mushroom House)

Gribova Hata or Mushroom House is a restaurant in the center of Bukovel, the biggest ski resort in Ukraine. The whole building looks like a fairytale mushroom castle and it reminds me of the Gaudi buildings in Barcelona. The first floor of this mushroom building is a huge restaurant, in the basement there is a cave/sauna and on the upper floors is a hotel.

Although we didn’t stay at their hotel or went to their sauna, we visited the restaurant Gribova Hata a few times. The restaurant serves traditional Carpathian food. Their specialties are borshch served in a bowl of bread with garlic and salo (thin sliced pork fat), a soup made of white mushrooms, honey pork ribs, and Carpathian trout.

Restaurant Gribova Hata. Salo

And although these are their specialties, the restaurant Gribova Hata has a wide selection of meat dishes, including home made sausages, braised rabbit, and steaks; traditional Ukrainian dishes: varenyky, potato with salo, banosh and others. 

I have been a few times to this place and have tried most of their dishes and must say that I liked most of them. The one thing that I didn’t care about was their selection of desserts. I have tried their chocolate tort which is really just a caramel tort covered with a thin layer of chocolate.

Traditional Ukrainian food

The restaurant has a wide selection of drinks starting with strong honey vodka (medovuha) and horseradish vodka (hrynivka) tinctures and finishing with non alcoholic kompot made of dried or smoked fruits. Unfortunately the restaurant doesn’t have a wide selection of craft beer. Every time I have visited this place they had just one dark craft beer, which I liked, but it would be nice to have better selection. 

The service at this place is excellent. The waiters and waitresses really know what they are doing. Every time the food was brought very fast, the empty dishes were cleaned at once, and the glasses never seemed to be empty. 

The interior of the restaurant is a mix of a Crazy grandma's house and a travertine cave

The whole atmosphere at the restaurant Gribova Hata is great. It is a cozy, romantic place that from inside looks like a mix of a crazy grandma house and a salt cave or travertine cave. Pay attention to the details of the interior and you will see very interesting objects in very unexpected places. Like for example a saw on the ceiling in one of the rooms. 

A small shop at the entrance of the restaurant

At the exit there is a small shop area where you can buy pickled or dried mushrooms and their special tinctures. 

The one thing which will take you by surprise if you have traveled in Ukraine before you came to Bukovel is the price. At all the restaurants in Bukovel, including Gribova Hata, the prices are more than double what you would find in other cities like Lviv. In other parts of Ukraine the price per dinner including alcohol will be around 20$ – 25$ per two people In Bukovel it will be around 50$ – 60$ for the same dinner. 

Services: excellent 

Prices: moderately high 

Food: excellent 

Atmosphere: excellent 

Address: Vulytsya Ternopilʹsʹka, Polyanytsya, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

Jet Set Together was not paid by Gribova Hata which was featured in this article, nor were we compensated with free food for a good review. This is just a restaurant I happen to like and think you will too.

Bukovel Restaurant Review: Gribova Hata

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