Best Day Trips From Euston Station

There’s nothing better than having an impromptu outing. If you’re near Euston Station, you’ll have some great places to choose from for a last-minute day trip that are both interesting and not too far away.

Euston Station is the southern terminus of the West Coast Main Line, which runs the entire length of the UK from London to Glasgow. While Scotland might not be the ideal destination to choose for a day trip from Euston Station, unless you accidentally fall asleep and miss your stop, there are plenty of others that are ideal. There are other main lines, too, so you won’t be limited to just that one route.

You may be surprised to find that in less than an hour, you can leave your luggage behind at a Euston Station luggage storage and be in rural towns full of historic buildings or ones where world-changing events have occurred. Get off at the right station, and you’ll be able to explore villages with thatched-roof cottages and Gothic churches or spend the day at one of the best seaside resorts in the south of the country. If you have kids, there’s also a great day trip you can take from Euston Station, which they’ll think is nothing less than absolute magic.

Where To Go On A Day Trip From Euston Station

Harry Potter Studio Tour

The easiest and quickest way to keep the kids happy, or yourself if you’re a film fan, is to take them on the Harry Potter Studio Tour. It’s just a 20-minute train ride from Euston Station to Watford Junction, where you’ll need to alight to board the bus to the Warner Brothers Studios.

Once at the studios, you’ll get to see the sets where the Harry Potter movies were filmed, including locations like the impressive Great Hall, the creepy Forbidden Forest, Platform 9 with the Hogwarts Express, and Diagon Alley, to name just a few. It’s a fantastic day out and one the kids will never forget.



If you want to take a look at how ye olde England may have been back in the day, then board a West Midlands Train at Euston Station that will take you to Tring. The journey by train to Tring, which is to the northeast of London, takes around an hour to an hour and 15 minutes, depending on the time of day.

Tring Station is about a mile outside of the town, so you’ll be able to enjoy a leisurely stroll through the countryside, and this is a very scenic part of the world as you make your way there. In Tring, you’ll be able to wander up the main street and admire the late 19th-century architecture before stopping off for a traditional afternoon tea at one of the tea rooms.

If you’re not in any hurry and enjoy hiking, you may want to make a slight detour to the National Trust Ashridge Estate. The countryside there is renowned for its outstanding beauty, and Ashridge House has to be seen to be believed.

Day Trips From Euston Station

Bletchley Park

Probably one of the most interesting places to go for a day trip from Euston Station is Bletchley Park. You can catch a train from Euston Station to Bletchley Station, which takes, on average, 40 minutes, then walk the quarter of a mile from Bletchley Station to Bletchley Park.

If you love brain teasers and history, you’ll be in your element at Bletchley Park, which is where the famous Enigma code of WW2 was created. The park is, in part, a museum as well as an educational center with lots of interactive exhibitions plus outdoor recreational areas where you can sit and contemplate what you’ve discovered.  

Day Trips From Euston Station


There’s nothing better to blow away the smog of a big city than a bracing day by the seaside. Southend-on-Sea has been a popular coastal escape for visitors to and residents of London since early Victorian times, and it’s only an hour and a half from Euston Station by train.

Southend-on-Sea is an adventure in itself. Once you’re there and have done the requisite stroll along the seafront, no matter what the weather, it’ll be time to test your luck in the amusement arcades, take a ride on the mini train, or have fun in the massive fairground where there’s everything from a Ferris wheel to a roller coaster.

While you’re in Southend-on-Sea, you might want to visit the museum at the end of the resort’s historic pier, the Southend Central Museum. You can also visit the miniature Clifftown Telephone Museum or the Prittlewell Priory Museum, which is housed in what was a 12th-century monastery.

If the sun does happen to shine, you’ll have five different beaches to choose from where you can spread a towel. If you’re with kids, then the Sea Life Aquarium is always a popular place to visit and if the weather isn’t as good as you hoped, then make the most of the city center’s two shopping malls. There are more shops and lots of cafeterias along the main street too.

Rain or shine, and whatever you do, don’t miss out on that quintessential seaside experience of digging into a plate piled high with freshly fried fish and chips. It’s what a day out in Southend-on-Sea is all about.


When you want to escape from London for the day, Euston Station is definitely one of the best stations to choose as a transport hub. There are so many amazing places to go to it’s impossible to mention them all. The ones in this article are the closest, but extend your travel time to two hours, and while the world won’t be your oyster, the south and southeast of England will be.

Best Day Trips From Euston Station

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