Barcelona Airport Lounge (Joan Miro) Review

After our month long vacation in Spain, visiting Granada, Valencia, Mallorca, and Barcelona, it was finally time to head off. While El-Prat is not by any means an excellent airport, it is perfectly acceptable. My main gripe was the fact that even though we had the VIP Express track, it only helped us avoid the security check. This means we had to wait in an extremely long line to go through passport check as they only had one immigration control officer working. I’m sure some might say I’m complaining about a nothing problem, but I really didn’t plan on waiting over 45 minutes in line, cutting into my lounge relaxation time.

The line at the Barcelona airport

The actual lounge is a bit difficult to find as there are no signs directing you precisely where to go, but it is directly to the left of the passport control, down some unmarked stairs. There is an escalator going up, but you can just walk down the stairs, make a u-turn and you’ll be in front of the sliding glass doors that are the entrance to the lounge.

The Joan Miro lounge is a 3rd party lounge, meaning it is not managed by any airline or alliance. However, almost all business/first classes have access to it, as well as Star Alliance Gold members. I believe, based on the sign out front, every alliance member with status has access to this lounge, as well as Priority Pass members. That being said, I didn’t find the lounge to be crowded at all, and there was plenty of open seats available, both at the food section, and the business desks.

Soft Chairs

We only had about a half hour before our flight to Istanbul departed, but fortunately we were at gate D21 which is the first gate you come to when you exit the lounge area.

As everyone who travels a lot will tell you, the lounges in the mornings are never as impressive as later in the day, mostly due to the lack of hot food. Therefore we only had some cold cuts and pastries, along with an espresso for Cody and a glass of breakfast wine for me.

The best thing in the entire lounge, and the one thing you have to get, is the mini candied chocolate croissants. These are your standard chocolate filled croissant, that have been dipped in a sort of sugar syrup/caramel, making the bottom have a bit of candy crunch.

The bathrooms were nicely designed and very clean (no pictures due to respecting others privacy inside the bathroom).

There was a business section with a few desktop computers for use, as well as a few circular cubicles (circucles?) where small groups or families can section themselves off while still being close to everything.

Computers section

Other than that the lounge had fast wi-fi during the late morning hours (I have no idea if it gets slow later on in the day) and had a great view over the promenade of duty free shops on the lower levels.

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Barcelona Airport Lounge: Joan Miro Rating

Food: 5/10
Cleanliness: 9/10
Seating: 8/10
Staff: 10/10

Barcelona Airport Lounge ( Joan Miro)

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